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Clean-Air is an Australian supplier of Aura Air, a professional, standalone, pure air producer for your business.

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Easy-to-Install, Safe and Effective, Air Purifying Technology

Scientific research found that Aura Air detects, captures and kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mould and VOCs so you can breathe freely. Ideal for every indoor space, it removes airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens and Viruses.

Full control

Take charge of your indoor air quality thanks to real-time smart insights and recommendations


Aura effectively kills 99.9% of viral particles, including SARS-CoV-2

Set your rules

Define your automations based on your indoor air quality needs. Your Aura will take care of making it happen

WELL certified

Medically approved by WELL Building Standard to enhance human health and wellbeing

Businesses currently using Aura Air purifiers include

Aura Control Panel

Aura's control panel can be embedded in every BMS or act as one. Manage dozens of units at once with ease, and control each and every aspect of your indoor air quality. You can also set your own rules to automate the devices' actions, save energy and costs.

How it works

Scientific research found that Aura Air detects, captures and kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mould and VOCs so you can breathe freely. Ideal for every indoor space, it removes airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens and Viruses. 

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Pre - filtration

Filtering the big particles: dust, pollen, animal hair

Ray - filtration

Our patented HEPA Ray Filter consists of 3 unique antibacterial layers


Creating pure air with our patented technology


Kills bacteria, viruses.

Easy to Install

Breathe pure air within minutes!
Once the device is safely mounted on the wall, plug it into an electrical outlet, connect your device to WiFi, and pair it with the Aura Air app. That's it, you're all set!

Low Maintenance

Keeping your Auras in top shape is easy.
Ray filter requires replacement only every 6 months. Each device will send an automatic replacement alert in advance to the control panel.

Smartphone Connected

Download the app, connect it to your Aura, and get all the information on your indoor air quality in real-time.

Scientifically proven results

In August 2019, Aura Air conducted an experiment at the general and oncological surgery department of the Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. The purpose of the study was to rate Aura Air's abilities to clean and purify the air from various pollutants and bacteria.

The initial results were ground-breaking: 99.9% of the bacteria were targeted and purified. With the outbreak of CoronaVirus, the study's focus shifted toward the prevention of hospital-acquired infections. Aura Air successfully managed to filter and purify the SARS-CoV-2.

Where Aura Air can be used

Aura Air can be used in residential and commercial spaces, the amount of units required is determined by the size of the space.

Examples include hospital waiting rooms, nursing stations, halls and patient rooms. In school classrooms, auditoriums and hallways. Hotel receptions, lobbies, elevators, lounges and convention rooms. A single unit is adequate for up to 55m² (600 sq.ft) with multiple units required for larger spaces.







Aura Air Specs

The professional pure air producer for your home or business, capturing and kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, VOCs and allergens.


Aura Air, User manual, Installation Jig, Screws and wall anchors

1. Pre-filter
The first layer targets large particles, including dust, pollen, insects and animal hair.
2. Ray filter™
Our patent Ray Filter consists of 3 unique antibacterial layers that target fine particles (PM 2.5 and 10), germs, odours, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and moUld spores.
3. The Sterionizer™
Creates the pure air, just like in nature, at your home. Releases positive and negative ions to freshen up your indoor space, and removes any remaining harmful pollutants.
Kill bacteria, viruses and parasites by destroying their integral membrane protein.
Smoke, CO, CO2, VOC, PM 2.5, PM 10, Temperature & Humidity
CO, NOX, NO, NO2, O3 (Ozone), VOC, PM 2.5, PM 10, Temperature, Humidity & Weather forecast
Polymer, Textile
37.5 cm/ 37.5 cm/ 15cm
5.5 kg.
Wall or ceiling
Air exchanges per hour
Recommended room size
Max noise level
64 dB
Wireless communication
Alexa, Goggle Assistant, IFTTT

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    Satisfied customers worldwide

    Dr. Geoffrey Galgo, MD

    “I have been using the Aura Air filter for a couple of months now. Aura Air uses both UV-C light and two patented technologies to kill bacteria and viruses, include SARS-CoV-2.  If Aura Air detects an increase in pollutants, you will be notified by the app on your phone.  This real time monitoring allows us to respond quickly.“

    Andrea, Physical Therapist

    “The Aura Air has been an excellent addition to our household. I love that it's hung on our walls as opposed to taking up more floor space. I get up every day and I get my Aura Air alerts and I really like that I can see what the air quality is like both inside and outside my house. It's just great to have a product that actually works and helps me have clean air.“


    What models are available?

    AURA AIR Enterprise Solution
    RAY Filter Replacement
    How do you connect to each solution?

    AURA AIR Enterprise Solution via Enterprise Dashboard and App

    What does the Ray Filter consist of?

    The base technology is of a HEPA filter with antibacterial add-ons; carbon, copper etc. The antibacterial layers are efficient not only against particles but also against bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, VOCs and more. The patented media of the Ray filter is efficient against a wider range of pollutants. H13 / MERV17

    How are faults monitored?

    Aura Air factory monitors all units in the field and users notified via on-boarding information received at initial set-up.

    Can Aura Air be connected to home smart devices?

    Yes, Aura Air works with Alexa and Google assistant.

    What are the published noise levels?

    Min 33dB – Max 64dB. A Silent Mode is available with noise level <33dB.

    What is the manufactures product warranty?

    1 year from the date of purchasing.

    What is the standard Aura Air box dimension and weight?

    43cm x 47cm x 19cm High; 7kg

    How does Aura Air Compare to other air purifiers in the market?
    Aura Air is in a class of its own. It eliminates pathogens such as mould, spores, bacteria and viruses effectively and at levels unparalleled by many other purifiers in the market. It has sensors that can detect and report CO, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, VOC amongst others. It is the sleekest in looks and lightest in weight and call be wall or ceiling mounted, keeping valuable floor space free of obstructions.
    How many devices can be connected?
    • The enterprise solution can deploy an endless number of units in an endless number of locations
    • The Mobile app can control up to 5 locations, with 5 units in each location – total of 25
    How do we know when filters need to be cleaned and/or replaced?
    • Pre-filter (wash – via App notified – monthly)
    • Ray filter (replace – via App notified – 6-8 months)
    What is the Aura Air life expectancy?

    The manufacturer states a lifespan of +/-5 years under normal working conditions.

    What wavelength do the UVC LED’s emit?

    The UVC wavelength is measured at 270-285nm.

    Do the LED’s and Sterionizer run at full capacity?

    They actually work according to the smart algorithm which increases power as air quality decreases.

    How can Enterprise Dashboard information be can be embedded into a BMS?

    Using Aura’s open API to connect into 3rd party software. Our technical team is able to assist. Also, data log reports can be exported via Excel.

    Are the units readerly available?

    Yes, stocked in our Brisbane store.

    What is the standard Ray Filter box dimension and weight?

    35cm x 35cm x 12cm High; 1.5kg