AerisGuard™️ HVAC Corrosion Protection a must for the tough Australian Climate and Coastal Factors

Join us as we take you through the steps required to protect outdoor HVAC units from the elements. We disassemble, degrease, clean and dry the units, followed by coating and curing, before final reassembly and repacking. As Aeris Environmental Platinum partners we opt for their Australian made, AerisGuard Corrosion Protection Plus. Made for Highly corrosive and/or coastal environments to reduce the effective lifespan of metals, air conditioning, refrigeration, and all metallic surfaces.

clear coating

CLEAR Coating for Casings


BLUE Coating for Coils and Fins


Finished Product (Internals)

Corrosion Protection Plus is a self-etching high-performance modern polymeric water-based coating that has been designed to coat and protect metallic surfaces. Applied pre or post-installation to HVAC&R units and coils to reduce corrosion, prolong the life of the unit, and reduce energy consumption by 35%. Tested over 46,000+ hrs salt spray resistance and has no effect on airflow or heat exchange performance.

aerisguard steps
AerisGuard Product

AerisGuard™️ Corrosion Protection Plus

  • Complies with MEPS ratings
  • Durable through weather and movement
  • Available in blue or clear
  • 46,000+ hrs ASTM B117 salt spray resistance test
  • Water-based polymer coating
  • Flexible and abrasion resistant
gal steel

Protects Micro-channels, galvanised steel stainless steel and aluminium


Protects Copper


Protects perforated fins and general metal surfaces

If you're exploring options for Advanced Corrosion Protections and Antimicrobial Coatings for HVAC equipment – arrange a meeting with our team, as an Aeris Environmental platinum partner we have the products and services to preserve your HVAC investment. Get in touch here