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Critical Care: HVAC Hygiene in Healthcare Environments

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Infection Control (IC) is critically important in healthcare environments. Mould spores along with bacteria and other contaminants contribute to life-threatening hospital acquired infections (HAI), referred to as nosocomial infections. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has estimated that 1.7 million nosocomial infections occur each year, with nearly 100,000 associated deaths […]

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HVAC Hygiene for Metro North Health at Redcliffe Hospital.

Clean-Air are pleased to announce a new HVAC Hygiene project working for Metro North Health at Redcliffe Hospital. We asked David Muldoon, Indoor Air Quality Expert, how will Clean-Air play a key role in the success of the project? David MuldoonIndoor Air Quality Expert at Clean-Air Aust.“Clean-Air’s 30+ years of experience working in high risk indoor […]

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Premium UV-C Doesn’t Cost, It Pays: Hospital Study With Evidence Based Findings

Our recent study carried out in a hospital demonstrated a key factor of for understanding the science behind the product and why it’s so important to know this when determining the right solution for the job.Effective performance of UV-C is all about the level of energy fields it generates ABOVE Mould growing on AHU: the result […]

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