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Brisbane Girls Grammar Aeroseal Case Study

Aeroseal technology is the solving factor for exhaust leakage at elite school for girls. OverviewThe School’s Main Campus is situated in Spring Hill, on the edge of Brisbane’s CBD. The historic Main Building (opened in 1884) to state-of-the-art facilities such as the Cherrell Hirst Creative Learning Centre and the Elizabeth Jameson Research Learning Centre. The Science […]

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What’s going on with the AC in this Greek Taverna..? The Coanda effect.

So you’re about to tuck into the a delicious mezze platter at your local Greek restaurant, when something catches your eye; mould patches around the A/C ducts – you start to question their hygiene standards. Doubt creeps in about the freshness of the seafood platter and you’re wondering what Gordon Ramsay would find if he raided […]

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The Importance of HVAC and UVC in Food Refrigeration

The Food Safety Standards of Australia and New Zealand 3.2.2 indicates that the environmental conditions required for processing and storage to maintain the safety and suitability of food. The most popular method to prevent contamination is the use of HVAC-R systems with UVC technology.“An HVAC-R system is a climate control technology that is widely used in the […]

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