Training for Success ~ HVAC Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality

Getting it right first time, every time.

The success of ever HVAC Hygiene project relies heavily on standards and practices.

In an addition to the external training certifications that our employees receive such as IICRC, NADCA, Safe Work Methods, and Confined Space Training, we also conduct our own internal training proficiencies, facilitated by our Team Leaders.

New and existing team members can refresh their skills and acquire new competencies. This forms their continual process of professional development and expertise.

It includes the technical operation of our specialist tools such as Multibot, Lifa Extraction and Aeroseal Duct Sealing, and the application of specialist coatings – it all focuses on our methods and approach, helping us deliver on Clean-Air's quality assurance, to get it right first time, every time.

Safe indoor air from a serviced HVAC system means a lower particle count and less breathing difficulties for occupants of the building. Clean-Air are IICRC mould remediation experts with the knowledge and experience to test, treat and eliminate serious mould-related risks within your HVAC system. Here's more information on our Mould Remediation services for HVAC Systems. If you have concerns about the air in your building and would like an HVAC health check, contact our team today.