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Coil Protection

Coil Coating and Protection

For long-term protection against corrosion on HVAC coils and metallic surfaces, we use AerisGUARD™ Maintenance Corrosion Defense which can also restrict further damage when applied to weathered units. Together with Cleaners and Treatments, Corrosion Defense can improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.


  • 40,000+ hrs ASTM B117 salt spray resistance test (Minimum of 3+ years of protection)
  • Water-based polymer coating
  • Applied between 4 to 10 microns
  • Reduced cost versus traditional off-site or specialist applicator options
  • Aerosol or bulk application to suit
  • Hydrophilic
  • Flexible
  • Abrasion resistant
  • UV protection
  • Advanced adhesion qualities


  • Energy efficiency gains up to 35%
  • Complies with MEPS ratings
  • No effects on heat transfer
  • Ease of application in-situ or pre- installation
  • Reduced labour cost versus traditional off-site or specialist applicator options
  • Self cleaning
  • Durable through weather (sandstorms) and movement
  • Resistant to adverse effects of alkaline coil cleaning
  • Creates smooth, slick surface so water can run off

Coil Cleaning

Coils transfer heat from the space to the cooling medium which in turns transfers the heat outside. They are constantly wet due to condensation of water from the air returned from the space. While the returning air is filtered there is always a small amount of dust which passes through. Due to this water and dust, the coils are prone to biological growths which affect the efficiency of heat transfer and the quantity of air which is circulated. This obviously can adversely affect the quality of air that we breathe.

Clean-Air has developed a range of techniques, products and equipment to clean a variety of coil types in different states of contamination. Our unique 2 part Foaming Coil Cleaner is the leading product for Coil Cleaning available. We measure and compare air pressure drop readings across the cooling coils to know that we are achieving a positive result. Coils which suffer consistent biological contamination or areas of high level cleanliness such as Hospitals or Aged Care will benefit from Steril-Aire UVC Coil Treatment.

Poor techniques and harsh chemicals can physically damage the coils or even compact the contamination into the centre of the coil. Replacement of Cooling Coils is an extremely expensive business with lengthy disruptions to the systems operation.

Anti-Microbial Coatings

The fight against biological contamination occurs at a microscopic level and requires the use of more and more advanced chemicals. We use our highly skilled Chemical Product Partners to produce cleaning, sanitising and on going treatment products to give us an edge against Mould, Bacteria and Fungi.

Within HVAC ducts we use and recommend Fosters 40-20 which has a 10 year warranty on regrowth of Mould. We also use Fosters 40-51 as a clear coat treatment on Grilles, Registers and other surfaces to prevent mould regrowth on finished surfaces.

Fan Painting and Restoration

Large fans in HVAC systems are often neglected. They lose their initial paint protection and develop surface rust. This then causes further contamination down the supply air duct giving nutrients for mould and causing fall-out in the occupied space. No one can afford downtime on the fan during normal working hours so it is often left to carry on. Clean-air will restore the fan to original or better condition working after hours and having the system operational for each new day. Like all repainting projects success lies in the preparation and an excellent covering paint. We have several methods of preparing the fan surface including specialist tools and sand blasting which is isolated to the fan chamber. We use a 2 Part Epoxy Paint which gives a strong and resilient finish.

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