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HVAC Mould: WorkSafe QLD Recognises IICRC S520 and AIRAH Best Practice

WorkSafe.qld.gov.au outlines a safety and prevention measure for the management of mould, categorised under Hazardous exposures, it specifies the control measures that can be taken to manage risks and protect workers’ health, safety and wellbeing. Managing mould [1] refers to 1 Act and 2 recognised Standards in place for keeping yourself and others safe. They […]

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The Importance of HVAC and UVC in Food Refrigeration

The Food Safety Standards of Australia and New Zealand 3.2.2 indicates that the environmental conditions required for processing and storage to maintain the safety and suitability of food. The most popular method to prevent contamination is the use of HVAC-R systems with UVC technology.“An HVAC-R system is a climate control technology that is widely used in the […]

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