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Gain 54% efficiency with a clean HVAC coil, an essential preventative maintenance

Clogged with Debris: a blocked condenser coil expels less heat, forcing the HVAC system to work harder and longer. Putting a higher load on your equipment and consuming more energy. Facility Managers looking to cut energy wastage and costs should make coil cleaning part of their PPM schedule. Here’s why.Regular maintenance inline with AS/NZS 3.666 […]

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Premium UV-C Doesn’t Cost, It Pays: Hospital Study With Evidence Based Findings

Our recent study carried out in a hospital demonstrated a key factor of for understanding the science behind the product and why it’s so important to know this when determining the right solution for the job.Effective performance of UV-C is all about the level of energy fields it generates ABOVE Mould growing on AHU: the result […]

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