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What’s going on with the AC in this Greek Taverna..? The Coanda effect.

So you’re about to tuck into the a delicious mezze platter at your local Greek restaurant, when something catches your eye; mould patches around the A/C ducts – you start to question their hygiene standards. Doubt creeps in about the freshness of the seafood platter and you’re wondering what Gordon Ramsay would find if he raided […]

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Restauranteurs playing with fire… Know your AS1851 Compliance?

Commercial kitchen exhaust negligence; a tried and tested recipe for disaster.Restaurant managers put it all on the line when using unqualified cleaners, lacking certified training, tools, and capabilities to clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems to AS 1851-2012. Almost 11,000 commercial kitchens are damaged by fire annually with 70% of commercial kitchen fires caused by faulty ducting […]

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