Titanic or HVAC?

It's remarkable, sometimes we head into a job, look at the damage and think, WOW! Is this footage from the Titanic wreckage a hundred years later?... In Queensland due to the high humidity mould can become abundant in HVAC systems which provide perfect conditions for bacterial growth, this can lead to serious health issues and reduce the life span of your HVAC plant. But unlike the famous cruise ship, your HVAC shouldn't be destined for wreckage on its maiden voyage – a few steps can help avoid an iceberg size breakdown in the future.

Above (left) a recent image we took of an AC Fan Unit, (Right) Starboard Wing Propeller from the Titanic wreck

Above (left) Windows with glass still intact, Titanic, (Right) Mould build-up in HVAC Ducting

Above (left) Mould and corrosion HVAC Fan Blades, (Right) Rusting Port Anchor, Titanic


At Clean-Air we offer mould cleaning, remediation and options to prevent future mould growth. We are also experts in Corrosion Protection and HVAC Restoration.